The choice of mesh material in the plate
Column:MESH Time:2017-03-13

 Before the choice of screens mesh for plates, it must be reasonable and careful manner to be considered.Screen printing mesh choosing appropriate or not is the key to the production of the printed version, and product print quality good or bad, how to choose a good screen printing screen mesh of the production of printing plates, combined with the actual plant operating experience, from the following aspects to talk about.

    According to the original design requirements, image size, line weight, use of different mesh screen. Design requirements and image pharmaceutical packaging, small text, fine lines, the smallest line width of about 0.2 mm can be used 250 mesh and the mesh screen production of printing plates; design do not ask, image, line width Correa, most thin wide plates produced more than 0.3 mm can be used 200 mesh and below the mesh screen. It should be noted that the screen mesh of less than 180 mesh, and the production of printing plates to print the image edge teeth are more obvious. Status and Trends.

    According to the thickness of the product ink to choose different mesh screen. More screen mesh, the smaller the diameter of the mesh, ink or slurry by the amount of the less plates, the accumulation of ink on the printed materials it appears very thin; less wire mesh, mesh diameter large ink or slurry through a corresponding thickening of the accumulation of ink on the printed product.

    Different fabric for screen printing to select according to the ink or slurry, pigment particle size of the size of the production of printing plates and the production of printed version of the screenprinting screens should be less than the pigment granule, half software, to ensure a mesh via two more of the pigment particles, so as to ensure high-quality printing results.

    Produced by screen printing plate requires strong acid, required heating in order to print the pigment ink, pulp, screenprinting mesh plate should choose to make the plates, the plates made of wire mesh can be energized and temperature to reduce the viscosity of the ink or slurry color sequence for ease of printing. Wire mesh strong acid washing and recycling.

    True wire mesh, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, white and yellow. Plate-setter live in the exposure, white mesh easily lead to the diffraction of light, obtained the plates and negatives of error (the photosensitive part of the plates is greater than the negatives), the image the edge of the virtual. White mesh wood should be production of high-precision plates, proofing and high-precision printed version of the best choice for the Status and Trends of the yellow mesh, to reduce the exposure time of diffraction plates and negatives of the system out of the error can be limited to a minimum to ensure the quality of the printed version of the range, thus avoiding the halo of light due to reflection caused by the white wire network, the image distortion caused by the regional reports, missing the edge of the problem.