Main application of silk screen printing
Column:MESH Time:2017-03-13

The application range of silk screen prints is very broad, in addition to water, air and other liquid and gas, any objects can be substrate of silk screen print. Someone evaluate silk screen printing like this: if you want to find ideal printing way on earth, to achieve printing target, that's probably silk screen printing.

More specifically, silk screen printing main used in below aspects:

1. Paper printing

Art printing- advertising, pictorial, calendar, paper lanterns etc.
Trademark printing
Transfer printing
Package printing
Building material printing- wallpapers, etc.

2. Plastic printing

Plastic film - vinyl toys, bags, plastic bags, etc.
Plastic scale - false metal composite material and various kinds of scale.
Production parts, instrument parts.

3. Wood printing

Arts and crafts, lacquer, wooden crafts, toys.
Processing semi-finished products- sports goods, block, ceiling, road signs, signs, fake metal plate, billboards, etc

4. Metal products printing

Metal tube, metal ware, metal products.

5. Glass, ceramic products printing

Glass- mirror, glass plate, cup, bottles, etc.
Ceramic- the vessels, arts and crafts.

6. Sign plate

Text plate, dial, go items

7. PCB printing

Printed circuit board, civil or industrial base plate, thick film integrated circuit board.

8. Printing and dyeing

Printing and dyeing- flags, fabric, towel, handkerchief, shirt, BeiXing, knitwear, etc.
Other printing- bag, shoes, number cloth and all kinds of bags, backpacks, etc.

9. leather products printing