How to choose screen print mesh color
Column:MESH Time:2017-03-13

There’re white, yellow, amber and red colors for silk screen mesh. And yellow color is normal and best color for screen printing supplies, our normal use items is 110mesh, 350mesh, etc. And for fine silk screen printing, we should choose high mesh count screen printing mesh.

For yellow color, why do we choose it? As we all know, the brilliantly colors of nature are due to the action of light, if it’s no light, it’ll no colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, basket, purple is the color that people’s optic nerve can feel, we call it visible light. The selective absorption and reflection of objects surface to light gets different colors. Simply speaking, all visible color is the color of light. When a beam of light exposure to the yellow surface, only the yellow light is reflected and stimulates our optic nerve, and presents the color to us. All other colors are absorbed, so we can see the color of the object is yellow.

For exposure of silk screen printing, we use ultraviolet light, and the ultraviolet light is the mixed reflected light by cyan and magenta hue colors, it is said that lake of yellow hue in black color. When exposure, purple plus yellow of silkscreen mesh into the black, so the yellow mesh surface( bottom of the emulsion layer) is not photosensitive or less exposure, it’ll not appear the phenomenon of” back sun” , to get high definition image, and it’ll have no vignetting.

And yellow screen mesh is much easier to be deciduated than white mesh. Also for exposure of silk screen printing, reflect light of yellow mesh is not good, and it’s strong of absorbing light, light crosslinking is enough, oppositely, for white mesh screen,  reflect light of white mesh is strong, light crosslinking is not good, so it’s difficult to deciduate.