The maintenance storage of the squeegee
Column:SQUEEGEE Time:2017-10-13
  1. Shall be flat,don't placed into rolls.

  2. Shall be open the whole roll 24 hours make sure the squeegee complete stretch before using.

  3. Storage without removing the handle,the article blowing up,should be used when the stencil scraping the article can't contact with any object.

  4. When store the squeegee,the temperature should be 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ degrees and dry environment,away from the ink,because the squeegee can absorb moisture in the air and solvents.

  5. the squeegee with ink or handle can't stored overningt.

  6. Don not put the squeegee in the solvent for long time,although the squeegee can be resistant to many kinds of solvents,but long time of soaking will make the squeegee deformation,loss of elasticity.

  7. Shall be immediately flush after using it to avoid ink dry on the squeegee.After cleaning the rubber handle there won't have any residual ink marks,otherwise when using the squeegee next time will have mark.

  8. Use the soft cloth to clean the squeegee,along the direction of the squeegee to clean.othervise reverse cleaning will damage the squeegee edge.

Above all it is very important to the select and use the the midst of our printing. undertake choosing according to various substrates with different will have great effect for silk screen printing quality.