The grinding of the squeegee
Column:SQUEEGEE Time:2017-10-13

The sides of the squeegee because of frequent friction with the mesh,damage deformation will happen eventually.Grinding scraping machine can be used to make the sides of squeegee become sharp.when we grinding the squeegee,should notice several items:
1.using a finer grinding  ,in order to make the squeegee materials in grinding scraping the loss is minimal.Ensure the edge of the scraping clean,not stain,does not melt the rotating speed of grinding wheel.should low.
2.when you ndde to wear off a large piece of squeegee quickly,can use coarse grinding wheel for grinding."If you only need to glue grinding smooth,use very fine sand paper is ok.
3.when you cut part of the squeegee use the cutting kinfe and then needs to be polished we must ensure that after cutting the dege of the squeegee clean and no gap.
4.when printing work finish please don't to grind the squeegee immediately. We should wait for 24 hours,after the solvent ink evaporate completely. addition to make sure the squeegee edge straight, make the free height along the entire length of the squeegee direction are consistent.